Lake Street Studios

Jose fondly remembers innocent, youthful memories as a young person in Chicago. When Jose reached a breaking point in Los Angeles, after years of substance abuse and being apart from his family, he decided to begin again in Chicago. He describes the journey as tough and uncomfortable, starting fresh without a stable place to live or friends to visit. After several weeks spent in the hospital and a shelter to rehabilitate from past drug use, Jose was afforded the opportunity to live in Lake Street Studios. Jose acknowledges that he could not be where he is today without generous help from others.

The Boulevard (onsite social service provider), helped him develop the confidence to navigate the complex public transit system. This newfound freedom allowed him to find an eye doctor to fit him for new glasses, a clinician to remove tattoos, and a dentist to provide him with dentures. Now he enjoys fellowship with his neighbors, playing cards and dominos and visiting his mom in Logan Square. Jose encourages those who are struggling to seek the supportive environment of Lake Street Studios.